8 Scientifically proven Steps to Happy

So today as I was procrastiscrolling (scrolling aimlessly trying to pick something to watch to avoid doing chores) through Netflix, I came across a documentary called ‘Happy’.. and because I LOVE learning about people, science and all things psych-related, I started watching and am SO glad that I did 🙂 I was so intrigued by…

Batman in gouache

My first Gouache painting ❤

My parents are coming over today!

Yeah and? Is what you’re most likely thinking.. BUT I’ve been married for almost three months now and have virtually only seen my parents about three times! And since we live in Port Macquarie now, it’s kind of a big deal. After the wedding, it was our honeymoon for a month, then my parents got…

Green thumb newbie: It worked!!!

My husband has always had a knack for gardening, and my mum’s always had some type of plant, herb or veggie growing in our backyard (or balcony), so when Tim and I walked past a nursery in Sorento, Italy, we decided it would be fun to buy some seeds to plant in our new home….