My TOUGH Mudder weekend + IKEA buys

Hey there!

WHAT a crazy weekend it’s been!! God knows why, but in January Tim and I decided to buy tickets to Tough Mudder in Sydney. If you don’t know what Tough Mudder is, think 18 kilometres of mud, hiking (mostly slipping), ice-baths (appropriately named ‘arctic enema’), electric shock therapy and other pleasant army-style obstacles. Or you can just check out their website here and laugh at my misfortune.

On the way… in the rain… This is the point at which I started to panic. We were not excited.

At this point in the morning we hadn’t had breakfast and were running on about 5 hours of sleep… so I’m not really sure why we went through with it lol..

Actually, it was most likely the $340 we spent on tickets.

BUT as intense, and LONG (almost 6 hours!!!), and cold, and utterly exhausting as it was, I’m actually really glad that we did it 🙂

Post – mud. Tim is not a happy chap. We realised we probably shouldn’t have sent him in to the servo looking like this to ask for toilet keys. Apparently ‘they didn’t have one’.

It was SO much more fun than I thought it would be! I was SO excited to get in to the mud!!! I mean pretty much all of my childhood dreams were fulfilled over the weekend as I victoriously assumed the title of Mud Fighting Queen. (To anyone who was there who is reading this; it’s my blog. I can write what I want). But I really enjoyed the teamwork and camaraderie of everyone participating… even if they weren’t a part of our group. It was really great to see so much encouragement and solidarity among hundreds of strangers all covered in mud! And the obstacles (most of them) were actually really fun 🙂 I’d have to say that the most exhausting part was probably the 18kms. But we made it to the finish line where we got a free cider, an orange headband to wear next year if we’re stupid enough, and a free t-shirt. For dinner we enjoyed a large  well-deserved, family-sized rack of pork, lamb and beef ribs at Hurricanes.

I’m pretty sure I still have mud in my ears.
No man was left unscathed



IKEA is one of my favourite places ever! Since we were in Sydney over the weekend, we paid our sweedish friends a visit and bought some really cool things 🙂

(I don’t work for IKEA btw lol)

  1. 9 bottle wine rack – $16.99

This was so easy to put together (ok fine, mine may be a little wonky) and it comes with four extra dowels in case you want to add a second rack on top


2. BLANDA bowl – $30

I really like wood!



3. Toilet stool – $5

I can’t believe this was only $5!!!! (If you’re wondering why we have one of these watch this video – it’ll change your life)


4. KNIPSA basket – $25

These shelves are also from IKEA, they’re called KALLAX


5. The biggest – fluffiest cushions ever! – $31 total

(we bought two of these – the other one we got in this colour)

The big white one is the IKEA one – the other cover was from our honeymoon in Santorini 🙂

6. Cactus + pot – $16 total

I LOVE greenery in the house – this was great because the pot comes with a little saucer thingy



7. Hanging planters – $20 each

These will be great for our larger plants like cucumbers and tomatoes (see previous post about our new veggie/herb garden)



8. More planters – $8 each

They look like cute little clouds 🙂 I’m pretty sure that’s why we bought them lol



And that’s pretty much it! I love IKEA… I’ve been looking at their website and I think I want to grab some fake greenery next time too 🙂

Peace out!



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