My parents are coming over today!

Yeah and? Is what you’re most likely thinking.. BUT I’ve been married for almost three months now and have virtually only seen my parents about three times! And since we live in Port Macquarie now, it’s kind of a big deal.

After the wedding, it was our honeymoon for a month, then my parents got jealous and took off to Greece for a month (which subsequently made us super jealous!), and we moved four and a half hours away. But basically, I miss them so much.

One last photo with mum and dad the morning of my wedding ❤️ (My dad’s not in a gang just FYI, he’s an orthodox priest)

It’s so absurd to think that one night can change your whole world. I had a full time job in Sydney living in my tiny little room at my parents house, spending my nights chilling in the living room with my parents as dad watched Arabic TV shows on really loud volume and mum found new ways she could DIY her life based off Pinterest.

To be honest, they were my best friends. And what they say is true, It’s not until I moved out and have a place of my own that I realise just how much they both have taught me over the years.


During our first few weeks here Tim kept asking

‘Why’d you put it there?’ Or

‘Why’d you buy that brand?’ Or

‘Why’d you do it like that?’ To which I would shrug and reply,

‘I don’t know, that’s where mum puts it’, or ‘what mum buys’ or ‘how mum does it.’

I also frequently find myself nervously chuckling every time I quickly switch a light off that I’d forgotten. I can immediately hear my dad say

‘Sebti el noor mewala3, again.’  Which translates to:

‘You left the light on, again.’

And it’s all those little things that I miss, like the mixed English-Arabic sentences or bickering with my dad late at night (mum would never understand this, but I feel as though this is like some universal father-daughter binding exercise). I miss seeing the excitement in mum’s eyes while hearing about her new discoveries, experiments, adventures and creations. I miss telling them about my day and getting their advice, even when I didn’t always agree with it. I even miss being able to roll my eyes and hide a smile at the dad-jokes.

One of the few times we’ve caught up since the wedding was for my dad’s birthday. Those cheeks!!!

I am so grateful to have been blessed with such happy, real and loving parents. I know not everyone has that, so I don’t want to take it for granted. And they weren’t perfect, but who is? The important thing is that the love was, and is, always there.

Probably a dad-joke

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