The story of Tim & Jess

Hey there!

Since my last post was a very brief overview of my life at the moment, I thought I’d introduce my husband Tim properly 🙂 and share our story ❤

Once upon a time in a land far far away from Port Macquarie, two Egyptian couples would wed and move to Sydney, Australia (in no particular order). One would give birth to a fat little cranky baby boy, and the other to a cute little asian-looking baby girl two years later (no joke, I actually asked my mum one day why she had a picture of an asian baby and she said it was me. I can’t find it at the moment since we moved but here’s an older more culturally accurate looking picture of me)

Anyone else think it’s weird looking at themselves as a baby? Like who is this person? I feel like baby Jess is an imposter.
So grumpy.

Aaanyway.. I’m not actually going to start that far back lol. Fast forward about 18 years and  fat little baby Tim is now all grown up, finished school and headed to another land far far away called Wagga Wagga to carry on the family legacy and study Pharmacy. Here he meets Bishoy, my older brother, who meets Sarah.

Tim meets Bishoy
Bishoy meets Sarah. Back when he had hair.

Now fast forward again to 2014 where Sarah becomes my sister-in-law and Tim becomes the cute, bearded wedding MC who all my cousins are trying to hook me up with. And this is where the story truly begins…

Bishoy and Sarah’s wedding

Now Tim isn’t exactly the most talkative person and at this stage of my life I had zero interest in meeting guys, so when my cousins nudged and winked whenever he walked past, I would roll my eyes and extend the invitation to them instead. I don’t really remember us talking much that night, and besides a customary hug goodbye at the end of the reception, there isn’t really much else to be said about our interactions that day.

May 17, 2014 is our anniversary date. That’s one week after Bish and Sarah’s wedding. It’s the day I gave them my puzzle gift-wrapped present. The day they left to their honeymoon and had Tim take them to the airport (Tim lived in Mascot so he was the official airport cabbie among our friends and family). And the day that we really began talking because Tim wanted to know what the puzzles were all about! I like to think that he liked that I was creative. I have since come to learn that he liked the thought of receiving gifts lol.

We spoke over WhatsApp for as long as we did that evening because my brother encouraged me to (unbeknownst to Tim, who was

This is what actually went down when Bish and Tim met after the honeymoon lol. Look at that sly face.. and the disappointment on Bish’s haha

terrified of what Bishoy would say when they got back from their honeymoon).
We spoke because when I asked my brother if Tim went to church (the first thing I wanted to know lol) the answer was ‘yes, every week + Friday night youth group’. We spoke because during all our past encounters he never made me feel like I was an object to be pursued. And we spoke because it was really fun to get to know him and discover all that we had in common.

I believe that making the decision to spend the rest of your life with someone is one of the most difficult decisions ever. Especially if you’re of the mentality that marriage is a ‘no exchange or refunds’ kind of thing. And I don’t succumb to the notion that marriage is a perfect fairytale. But I honestly couldn’t be happier. And if you were to ask me how I knew that Tim was the one for me, I’d love to be able to tell you that there was some divine sign come down from heaven or that we were both just two blissfully perfect people in complete harmony and understanding of each other, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth! In reality, it was a process involving a whole lot of thought, prayer, discussion with people whose opinions I value, and a little bit of feeling along the way because proportion counts. Sure there were small signs too, but I wasn’t prepared to base my entire future on them. In addition to all that, it also took a lot of work and learning from the both of us. The way we communicate today, and our understanding of the complex male/female species has evolved so much since our first few months together! For example, I now know that when I see that something’s up, and ask him ‘whats wrong’, and he shrugs and replies ‘nothing’, then THERE IS ACTUALLY NOTHING WRONG. Just let it go and carry on Jess.

Fast forward one more time to July 16, 2016. Tim and I finally got married! I say ‘finally’ not because we were together for a billion years (like my brother and Sarah who got married after 8 years!), but because it just seemed like we had been waiting for it to come and talking about it every day for pretty much our entire relationship. So the fact that we’re actually legitimately married still feels a little surreal! We had an enormous ceremony, an intimate reception, went on an incredible European honeymoon then packed our things and settled in to a cozy little place in Port Macquarie. But all that deserves another blog post for another time 🙂

This natural shot is one of my favourites from our day. It was taken after all the official shots were done. and while Tim and I were waiting for our family and friends to arrive.

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